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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Here I have a small collection of "web places" I have found useful work wise and just simply delightful and inspiring.

I am young enough and old enough, to remember times when twitter was a fun place where friends and strangers shared jokes and mundane fun. When instagram was a collection of peoples dinner plate pics, heavily and strangely filtered. It was sweet and naive time, where not really anybody was making profit there. But most where having great time and connecting in a meaningful way. When people made things for sake of making them and showing to each other. Made cool tools for each other to use. Now it is rare. But still there are some wonderful places I have found and will be saving here. Will be updating this list (hopefully 🙃)!

*no particular order to posts and info; many typo mistakes here. Better than never starting a thing, is making a thing with several minor mistakes. Lets goooo!

A place where you can create and download custom sized paper-craft and packaging templates for free. Really simple and useful.

Need a coffin for the dead bug you found? Planning a proposal, but want your sweetheart to think it is a just a fresh milk jar for the first minute? Packaging for anything. They got your back.

Quotes and photos, wonderfully curated inspiration.

A place where anybody can write an email to Nick Cave, ask him a question, start a conversation and many get a true, deep and real answers from HIM. These are my absolute favourite newsletters.

I am so glad newsletters are having a comeback!

Printable conversation cards, that are based on research that supports the idea that setting aside time to focus on positive moments can have a powerful impact on mood and outlook.

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